Half Marathon Training // Week 2-5

As an official blogger for the 2018 DICK’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, I received complimentary race admission and race gear for blogging about my training experience.

Let me start by saying, I can’t believe the month of March is nearing an end! And I can’t believe how close race day is getting (May 6).

Since I last gave a half marathon training update after week 1, I’ve been running, cycling, running, eating lots of sour Jolly Rancher Gummies (I don’t know why, but I’ve been craving them!) — oh and keeping up with my Marvel movie marathon, of course.

This past weekend, I logged my longest run yet of six miles, and surprisingly, it felt good! And yes, I’m sure the beautiful 50 degree weather had something to do with it… 🙂 Meanwhile, yesterday in Pittsburgh, we got slammed with a foot of snow! And just like that, my workouts are pushed back indoors.

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Sign.jpg

Checking In On My Goals

In my last half marathon update I shared several goals that I hoped to improve upon. Here’s a quick status check.

First, I continue to hold myself accountable with my training by blogging about my progress and regularly checking in with my running partners (S/O Michelle, Jess, and Ellen!). Plus, the fact that race day really is getting closer makes me stick to my schedule. Gotta log those miles!

Second, I’ve done well with scheduling my workouts in advance. Each week, I try to schedule my long run on the weekend with a running partner, if possible, and the social aspect really helps me to not only complete my runs, but to look forward to them. This is something that I plan to continue, especially since my runs are only getting longer.

And then, lastly, there was my goal to plan healthier meals and snacks… I still need to work on that! With our schedules being so busy, AJ and I often default to picking up food, but I try, little by little, to plan our meals ahead of time. But it’s still a work in progress!

2018 Official Blogger Banner

Are you considering running an upcoming 5K, half marathon, or a full marathon? It’s not too late to join me in my training and make 2018 your year.

And if you’re in the Pittsburgh area, consider signing up for one of this year’s DICK’s Sporting Goods marathon events — full marathon, half marathon, marathon relay, 5k, pet walk, or another. There’s something for everyone! Sign up by March 31, 2018 and receive $10 off your entry by using my official blogger code, DELMONICODSGPM18, at checkout. Learn more and sign up on the DICK’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon website.


12 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training // Week 2-5

  1. Coral R Allen says:

    Those are great tips for sticking to your goals! I’m actually going to implement planning workouts with people beforehand and keeping track of progress on my blog. Those are great ways to hold yourself accountable! I do that with my blogging goals, so it would make sense that it would work for exercise goals, as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • monicadelmonico says:

      I totally agree! I’ve also loved having my smart watch during workouts. It’s so handy to track my workouts, mileage, routes, and all of the stats! You can also share workouts with friends digitally to stay accountable. Good luck with your goals!


  2. Becky Ginther says:

    That’s great that the 6 miles felt good! I have the same problem here with the snow. And food is also my weak point, we have busy schedules too so it can be difficult. I’m running a race on May 6th too, a 10 miler!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bizarre Brunette says:

    I congratulate you for doing this! Personally a 5K would really be all I want to do. Any longer than that and I hate my life. I have never been a big runner and now that I’m more active, I don’t hate running as much as I used to.

    Liked by 1 person

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